2 comments on “Zen Practice

  1. Frank Mewes says:


    Weary of the worldly life
    I fancied to become a monk
    Away from the madness
    Away from the nonsense
    Of the mundane and trivial
    To don the orange robe
    Content to be humble
    Live a life of meditation
    Wholesome and simple
    Devoted and serene
    Heeding the essential
    Tried and ran off short after
    Felt my being smothered
    Torn away and torn apart
    Foundations violently shaken
    I was afraid and faltering
    Unable to let go of the old
    Unable to let go of my self
    I made a run for the familiar
    The shadows of my past
    The shackles of my ego
    Were not defeated so easily
    Demanded to be placated
    Torn away and torn apart
    I resigned to home base
    Cried bitter tears over the rout
    Felt my being respire
    And put it off indefinitely
    Running away does not work
    The familiar needs acceptance
    Riotous ghosts need conciliation
    The threads of discontent severed
    That bind me to this mortal coil
    I will be able to bid farewell
    Not because I am sick and tired
    But because I’ve outgrown it
    Then it is time to become
    A monk at last
    Without the world
    Or Within

  2. Thom says:

    I looked up kyogai — a reference in Suzuki — and found you.

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